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Appointment Prep & Consent Forms

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Thank you for your interest in Browz Bella by Drea! I am thrilled that you have made an appointment for Microblading, Combo, Powder, or Ombre Browz! This is an exciting adventure and I am honored you did your research and chose me to perform your Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement! I have been trained and mentored by the best; Master Leslie Ritchie; and I am Phibrows Certified; a World Leader in Microblading Education. I have multiple certifications, I am licensed by the State of Wisconsin and Insured. I am very passionate about what I do and am committed to using the very best,100% disposable tools and pigments available!


This Orientation will give you IMPORTANT information needed to properly prepare you for your appointment. There are 4 Steps below, let’s get started!

Step 1: Please read these Pre-Care Instructions thoroughly to be sure you are a good candidate, and to understand what is required of you before and after your appointment to insure your best heald results! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


Click Here: Pre-Care Instructions


Step 2: Please email me two selfies taken in natural light and include your natural hair color.

  • Selfie #1 Without Make-up in Natural Light

  • Selfie #2 rocking your best brows with makeup in Natural Light


Interesting Brow Facts:

Maybe you've heard this saying, Browz are sisters, not twins - it's completely true! You are one measurement and bone structure on one half of your face/body and a completely different measurement and bone structure on the other side. Most people have a more prominent brow bone and muscle on one side of their face. Even the direction the brow hair grows as well as hair  density is usually completely different. This is a major reason why most people tend to over-pluck their brows and have such difficulty filling in their brows with make-up. They are chasing some idea of perfection which is skewed by their natural canvas and asymmetries - their bone structure and facial muscles. Everyone I see tells me of their struggles and thinks they are unique. In truth, everyone has these struggles and I am here to help! We will take as much time as needed to create a beautiful shape that you will LOVE!



How will my brow color be determined?

Your pigment color will be selected specifically based on your skin tone and your natural brow hair color.


How will my brow shape be determined?

Every brow design is different. I will utilize my extensinsive training, golden ratio, your face shape/bone structure to design and achieve your ideal brow shape. However, I believe this is a team effort and am happy to discuss any and all expectations.


Please watch this video to have a greater understanding of how your unique face shape/bone structure and golden ratio guides me in your exclusive brow design.










To find the answers to some of the other questions you may have 

Click Here: Browz Bella FAQs

Step 3:  Please read the Healing Expectations & Post-Care Instructions for your Service and skin-type. Permanent Cosmetic Enhancements are a collaboration which requires great manual technique by your Artist, as well as the clients meticulous execution of Pre & Post-Care instructions. When all parts of the process are done with precision, the results can yield a soft & very natural appearance which will reduce the time & effort you spend daily on one of the MOST important features of your face, your Browz! 70% of the result of the procedure can be affected by the following: medication, skin characteristics (dry, oily, sun-damaged thick or thin skin type), personal pH balance of your skin, alcohol intake, smoking, and how well both Pre-Care and Post-Care instructions are followed.

Click Here: Custome Combo Browz Healing Expectations & Post-Care

Click Here: Microblading Healing Expectations & Post-Care

Step 4: Please read these Health & Consent Forms carefully! If you require a patch test, notify me immediately. This will need to be done prior to your appointment. If you are able, please arrive with all forms filled out and signed or arrive 20 minutes early to do so. You must be 18 years of age to have these procedures done. Valid ID will be required at the time of service.


Click Here: Health & Consent Forms


We are going to have an amazing time achieving the best Browz possible just for you! If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime! Address: 5605 Washington Ave, Racine, WI 53406 - Located in the American Building, inside Citrine Professional Skincare - Accross from Starbucks and Taco Bell.


Warm Regards,

~ Drea

Call/Text: (262) 977-6743



Address: Browz Bella, 5605 Washington AVE, Mt Pleasant, WI 53406

Located inside of Citrine Professional Skincare, Massage & More

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